An Excerpt From ‘Model Misfit’ By Holly Smale

No no, don’t panic there aren’t any spoilers. It’s just – *sigh*. About a month ago, I started reading the Geek Girl series – Model Misfit is the second book and it’a Fabulous! This little story, I just had to share with you guys…It’s super sweet. ­čÖé

“‘It’s a statue of a dog.’ ‘Not just any dog, Harriet. That’s a dog called Hachiko. He was a brown Akita dog and he was adopted in 1924 by a Tokyo professor called Hidesaburo Ueno .’┬á‘Ah.’ I nod politely. After everything he’s done, the least I can do is to listen to one of his random facts. I make people do this for me all the time. ‘Every day for a year Hachiko would come and greet Hidesaburo after work here, at this exact spot at Shibuya station. In 1925 the professor suffered a stroke at work and died, but Hachiko returned to the same spot every single day for nine years waiting for him to come back.’┬áTears suddenly spring into my eyes. ‘ The dog waited for the rest of his life, and when he eventually died the people of Tokyo built a statue in the place he used to wait to commemorate┬áhis loyalty, and the fact that he never, ever gave up. ‘ I bite my lip. That’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever heard. that’s also exactly why I love dogs. Kylie Minogue would have waited about thirty seconds before going home with the next person who had food in their handbag.”

Kylie Minogue, by the way, is a cat – which makes a lot of sense. ­čÖé What? I’m a dog person. ┬áThat’s the Hachiko statue – I don’t know who that cute little dog is but he’s definitely┬ádreaming big!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.53.54 PM


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