Hi everyone.

Reading my e-mails, I came across someone who followed my blog. Elan Mudrow-  I really liked your ‘about’ page. So if you don’t mind, I’ve copy pasted it here so even more people will be able to see it.

“Language has a way of skirting around in the margins. These margins collide with concepts, where the inner worm bashes against the outer skin of self, brushing against the ridges of intertextuality. Sometimes I feel like I’m constructing a system of art, other times I feel like I’m coughing up random words. Both cut into me and break out of me. This is a place of margins.” 

Also, here are my top 5 to-reads. WARNING! Some of them may not be ‘up to your potential’ but they are definately worth reading.

  1. Anna of Byzantium – Tracy Barrett
  2. Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira
  3. Geek Girl (Series) – Holly Smale
  4. Queenie – Jacqueline Wilson
  5. When You Reach Me                             There’s more coming, Verity TrueScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.11.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.13.04 PM


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