Talking about Geek Girl

Since the previous post was about one of the Geek Girl series I just thought it would be appropriate that this one would kind of explain it for those who haven’t read them yet. (Sorry any guy readers!)

Totally awesome!Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 5.05.27 PM

#1 – Geek Girl

#2 – Model Misfit

#2.5 – Geek Drama

#3 – Picture Perfect

#5 – All That Glitters


15-year old Harriet Manners is a nobody, a loner, a GEEK. It’s clearly written in red pen on her satchel. She’s got one friend Nat and a faithful Toby Pilgrim, her very own nerdy stalker. Life as Harriet Manners isn’t exactly the best especially when you’re clumsy and you’ve got big, mean, bossy Alexa in your class. But when all the bad things seem to be at it’s highest peak, she is discovered by hilarious Wilbur (with a bur not iam (it’s an in-book joke. :)) who works for Yuka Ito – Baylee’s biggest fashion designer. So basically, things are going to change aren’t they? Time to change the Ugly Duckling into a beautiful swan. And there goes a happy ending… right? Maybe, you’ve got to find out.


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