Revival Of A Very, very, very Old Series – Who Knows The Famous Five

Hiya! I know my Padlet doesn’t give a review on The Girl With The Silver Eyes but that’s gonna be in my Next Post? Maybe? Ok fine – I’m just being lazy here, I should be giving you guys proper reviews but now. How about tomorrow? In fact – you know what? I’m not even going to finish what I was going to write here. Instead I’ll (promise) do about 5 reviews by Tuesday ok? Is five Proper posts good enough for y’all? ‘Till then, I’ll be rambling nonsense and relaxing – after all, school has just started and I’m not really In-the-mood-to-go-looking-for-my-books-and-finding-quotes-and-exerpts-and-author-names-and-refreshing-my-brain-on-what-i-forgot….So yeah. TTFN! -This is actually pretty fun! You know – talking about nothing….right….OK STOP! This is meant to be a BLOG not a RAMBLING SESSION! -Sorry guys anyways, for those of you who are interested – this is what’s coming next week;

  • Who Knows The Famous Five?
  • Differents United – a must easy read
  • Something for guys – a bit of action
  • It’s all about the sweet stuff – A series by Cathy Cassidy
  • The Books about a book club – by H.V.F

Any predictions?

See ya, Verity ❤ x 394      (any guesses why I chose 394? – mystery countdown:  9 days until reveal. I want you all to comment on what you think.)


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